Who We Are


Since 1980

We create and finish our jewels by hand with the taste and elegance of our country, Italy. Our team is made up of the master and his children who share a passion for jewelry and the art of goldsmithing. The completeness obtained thanks to the skills of the expert setter, the accuracy of the GIA-certified gemologist and the attention of the polisher guarantee and forge an object of excellence. Every single jewel is finished by hand; every single gem is analyzed and selected to measure to best enhance the value of the jewel. Our goal is not only to convey the passion for this world but also to be able to enhance even more that magical moment when our customer or whoever will wear a De Nardi jewel for him.

Our ethics in the choice of materials and precious stones

When the time comes to choose the perfect piece of jewelry, be it an engagement ring or a stunning ring decorated with diamonds or other precious gems, the question always arises: are the stones set “ethically sourced”? that is, do they comply with international regulations on respect for the environment and human working conditions?

We at De Nardi Jewelry take this issue to heart and are committed to choosing and guaranteeing a range of “conflict free” gems that respect our ideals.

Designed and handmade by us


Our jewels are handmade on the basis of an artisan experience and a passion for “handmade” that have distinguished us for more than forty years and for two generation.

The use of materials respects love and concern for the environment.

We guarantee the purity of the gold alloy in its real percentages (18 K) since the melting process of the material takes place inside our laboratory, equipped ad hoc.

The range of colors of the metal varies from yellow gold to pink and white.

Finally, the metal finishing process includes a galvanic bath with the Rhodium metal in order to add a greater shine that the gold alloy alone cannot obtain in nature.

Personalized Boxes


For our customers we have created customized boxes with elegant and refined packaging, mirroring the essential qualities of our products. In fact, the black color of the boxes will highlight the brilliance of the gems, accentuating the preciousness of the material. Each box is branded with our logo, enhanced by the gold color, a clear reference to the use of the precious material that is known to conquer everyone’s hearts.

How It Works


Write us for a customization

Have you seen a ring that you like but would like to personalize it? Would you like to add more details? We are happy to help you! Contact us at our email denardijewerly@gmail.com  we can help you make your jewel with you.

Diamond Certificate

For single stones with a carat greater than 0.15, on request, we issue the certificate.


Design your Jewel

The jewels in our collection can be customized both in the choice of materials (gold) and in the choice of stones. If you have fallen in love with one of our products but would like it with a different stone or a different material, it is very useful to know that we have the tools to satisfy you! The way is always the same: denardijewelry@gmail.com 

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